Double Driver


Create a security copy ofyour drivers


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Sometimes, the task of updating your drivers can be very difficult, ad it’s not because of the update, but because of the loss of the old drivers.

Sometimes you update your drivers and the hardware start failing. So you need to to reinstall the old driver. That’s the momment when Double driver comes into the play.

When you run Double driver, it take a few seconds for collecting all the info of your drivers. And then it will show you them in a list, you decide which ones you want to conserve and when every driver you want are selected, you can click on start and Double Driver will create a copy of all the drivers selected for future updates.

Double driver can be very useful, because the loss of a driver can result on the fail of, for example, the DVDwriter or the Sound Device.

You can even print the driver list and see what you have installed in your computer.
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